Casa Youth Music Resources is our Newest Community Partner

CASA Logo with words

CASA’s mission is to promote and support music education to at-risk youth, increasing their ability to succeed.


CASA provides a safe environment for at-risk youth to learn, practice and play music.  We provide the instructors, the instruments and the practice room.  We have areas for one-on-one lessons, group lessons and a place for bands to practice.  At CASA, we don’t just teach music, we teach the value of music.  All lives are enriched by music.  Numerous studies have shown the value of music in literacy and success, here at CASA our main goal is to help youth succeed in every aspect of their life by providing an outlet.   Any youth that benefit from our program will learn the importance of sharing music with others.  They will learn that success is as easy as practice and dedication.  At-risk youth will succeed if they have passion, and here, the passion is music.

Individual Lessons

At CASA we provide individual lessons, free of charge.  Youth can work one-on-one with an instructor at any level.

Group Lessons

Everyone is encouraged to learn in a group.  Group lessons will be provided for different instruments, appreciation, and we will also have special guests.  We have numerous guest speakers who will come in and teach various things about the music industry.

Practice Areas

Is your mom tired of you and your friends practicing in the garage?  We have areas for your whole band to practice.  We even have safe storage for your equipment, should you need it.

Not in a band, but need that extra practice for the school orchestra?  We have rooms for individuals to practice and even get help if needed.  We’re always up for a last minute concert or solo!


We have a number of instruments for you to play.  Do you like to go to the music store and play their guitars until they kick you out?  Well, you can come play our instruments and we won’t kick you out.  As long as you are respectful of the instrument, it will always be here for you to play