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Casa Youth Music Resources is our Newest Community Partner

CASA Logo with words

CASA’s mission is to promote and support music education to at-risk youth, increasing their ability to succeed.


CASA provides a safe environment for at-risk youth to learn, practice and play music.  We provide the instructors, the instruments and the practice room.  We have areas for one-on-one lessons, group lessons and a place for bands to practice.  At CASA, we don’t just teach music, we teach the value of music.  All lives are enriched by music.  Numerous studies have shown the value of music in literacy and success, here at CASA our main goal is to help youth succeed in every aspect of their life by providing an outlet.   Any youth that benefit from our program will learn the importance of sharing music with others.  They will learn that success is as easy as practice and dedication.  At-risk youth will succeed if they have passion, and here, the passion is music.

Individual Lessons

At CASA we provide individual lessons, free of charge.  Youth can work one-on-one with an instructor at any level.

Group Lessons

Everyone is encouraged to learn in a group.  Group lessons will be provided for different instruments, appreciation, and we will also have special guests.  We have numerous guest speakers who will come in and teach various things about the music industry.

Practice Areas

Is your mom tired of you and your friends practicing in the garage?  We have areas for your whole band to practice.  We even have safe storage for your equipment, should you need it.

Not in a band, but need that extra practice for the school orchestra?  We have rooms for individuals to practice and even get help if needed.  We’re always up for a last minute concert or solo!


We have a number of instruments for you to play.  Do you like to go to the music store and play their guitars until they kick you out?  Well, you can come play our instruments and we won’t kick you out.  As long as you are respectful of the instrument, it will always be here for you to play

Albuquerque HBCU Day


The Prairie View A&M University Alumni Association will be hosting a Historically Black Colleges and Universities Day (HBCU Day) here in Albuquerque on Saturday, November 14 from 10-2PM at Albuquerque High School. Our hope is to shed some light on HBCUs for college-bound kids in the Albuquerque area and thus increase attendance at these schools as well as provide insight to opportunities they may not have been aware of before.  Click on link below to see flyer for more info.

HBCU Flyer_2015

Making an impact in a child’s life from afar


In conjunction with God’s House Church Inc. Foreign Missions eREAD Inc. is assisting in educational institution’s across the world. The students of Shekinah Academy in Nigeria now have a computer lab and will soon be able to access eREAD Inc. eduacational programming.

“Making an impact in a child’s life from afar”



eREAD Makes a difference around the world


The Throne of God Mission Int’l

An appreciation for the presentation of three  HP ProBook laptops.

It’s so overwhelming and amazing that I was short of words to thank you for what had happened. Sir, up still of now the presentation of those dynamics laptop is as fresh as today. I want to sincerely thank you and your team for counting us worthy of sue relief and honor to spend your hard earn resources on us (The Throne of God Mission Int’l.)

Sir I want to assure you that the purpose of those system will be fulfill and will be used to the Glory of God and the benefit of humanity at large,

Our prayer goes to Bishop Shelby, the entire congregation of God’s House Church people under his Lordship. And to your very humble self Rev. Elder Yomi. That the God of heaven and earth will preserve your life and the ministries God hath committed into your hands. You will continue to prosper and blossom in Jesus mighty name.

Our special thanks goes to the President of eREAD program of Albuquerque NM; Mr. Charles Countee for his gift of three (3) HP laptops which were presented by Rev Elder Yomi Fadipe on Sunday July 26, 2015, which also happen to be our women convention. To God be the glory. Please continue to keep the school and children in mind both for financial Assistance (tuition and Scholarship) as well as the Media/Computer Advancement programs,

We are still working on our church building project and the School Registration had been filled with Ogun State Ministy of Education. We believe God for divine provision.

Once more, thank you and remain Blessed.

Rev. Attah Moses

New Mexico OAAA Services Awards Luncheon




 Hyatt Regency Hotel

12:00pm Saturday, June 6, 2015


Deadline for Submissions is March 20, 2015


To recognize individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions toward the improvement of life for African Americans in the State of New Mexico.

 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must currently reside in New Mexico
  2. Must have made verifiable contributions in a New Mexico community, with measurable successes, in one or more of the following categories:
  • Education Advancement
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Community Development
  • Health Care Advocacy
  1. Unless otherwise noted by nominator, awardees will be notified of their selection by April 24, 2015
  2. Awardees should be available to receive recognition at the awards banquet, or be willing to endeavor to have a representative present


Nominee submissions are scored by three volunteer members of the OAAA Executive Advisory Committee on the following criteria:

Significant Contributions       

Contributions should be scored based on the weight of the individual’s dedication above and beyond the                         regular call of duty.

Participation in Community Initiatives and Events         

Nominee collaborates with other organizations for the better good of their community.

Nominee Verifiable Contributions     

Does the information given prove verifiable contributions in the category individual is nominated for?

Overall Strength of Nominee    

After reviewing nominee information, what is your overall assessment of contributions or successes toward                                   making a positive impact to reduce or prevent disparities in the African American community?



Recipients of the award will be awarded during the annual awards luncheon on Saturday, June 6th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – 330 Tijeras Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 (please contact the hotel directly at (505) 842-1234 for reservation information).

Tickets ($30 per person) and table sponsorships will be available for purchase, visit our website at


The New Mexico Public Health Association Special Awards


The New Mexico Public Health Association is soliciting nominations for their annual special awards to be presented during the 2015 Annual Conference at the April 1st  Awards Luncheon. These awards recognize outstanding individual and community efforts to improve public health in New Mexico . If you know any individual(s), organizations or agencies that have impressed you with his, her or their dedication to public service, or that have really made a difference in the health of New Mexicans, now is your chance to recognize them with an award!

The Larrazolo Achievement Award
For a person who has made a lifetime contribution to public health service and has made a major impact locally, statewide and/or nationally.

The Public Health Advocate Award
For an individual, agency, organization, or community that has made a positive health-related change in their community.

Phil Lynch Legislative Award
For a policy maker, advocate, or legislator in any branch of government who has actively worked with communities to improve the health of the public.

Youth Award
For a young person that has worked diligently on public health issues and who has made a difference.

Media Award
For a newspaper, radio, television, or newsletter that has consistently highlighted or brought to public attention health related issues in their reporting.

Jonathan Mann Award
For recognizing someone’s lifetime commitment to public health and social justice issues.

Volunteer Community Service Award
For recognizing a person who has volunteered in their community for many years in ways which serve the public good.

Other Special Award
This award would be for an individual or organization that has accomplished something spectacular during the year, but does not fit into any of the other categories.

These awards can go to anyone who fits any of the above descriptions, whether they work for a government agency, in a school system, a non-profit organization, the prevention arena, legal or public health profession, or are just an interested private citizen. To nominate an individual, organization, or association, please complete the attached Nomination Form and return to Sue Forster-Cox, or Satya Rao, by 5:00 pm, Friday, March 13, 2015, or mail to NMPHA – Awards, PO Box 26433, Albuquerque, NM 87125. If you have questions about the awards please contact Satya Rao at 575-635-6265.

Please share this announcement with those who may not have e-mail.

Full document is also as an attachment below.

2015 NMPHA Awards Nomination Form – Final

January 20, 2015 Our office will be closed

January 13, 2015

e-READ. Inc

Dear parents and community,

On January 20, 2015 e-READ will be closed. Staff will be sponsoring an event in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Therefore, e-READ will be closed and all programs will be canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience and short notice. We will start back up on January 21, 2015 to continue our regular schedule for the rest of the week and month of January.

If you have any questions, please call us

(505) 232-3134

e-READ. Inc